Ganges-Expedition 2009

2521 kilometres in inflatable dinghies along the Ganges, India’s Holy Mother. The members of the Ganges Expedition experienced an extraordinary journey from the frozen heights of the Himalayas down to the Bay of Bengal. The river presented itself at its most beautiful, but also showed its wounds. The journey was an adventure and an expedition full of lessons that the participants will never forget.

Last year Kuoni took part in a unique and spectacular expedition along the Ganges. Travelling in inflatable dinghies, an international team led by Swiss adventurer Andy Leemann navigated the river from its source in the frozen heights of the Himalayas to its delta on the tropical Bay of Bengal. This extraordinary journey of 2 500 kilometres through the heart of India was punctuated by memorable encounters with a fascinating country, full of beauty, joy and depravation; full of experiences that deeply affected each of the participants and sent them home changed. But the expedition also drew attention to the perils faced by the Ganges and engaged intensively with the threats to the river’s sensitive natural balance, as well as with climate change, water scarcity and social issues, sometimes in places whose inhabitants had never seen white

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