A travel agency that appeals to the senses

When Kuoni talks about beauty and experiences, it’s not just talking about unique holidays, and wonderful encounters on the road. It’s also referring to the things that happen before the holiday begins and that Kuoni pays more attention to than any other travel company: the preparation and the booking.

Having already set up Flagship Stores in several countries over the last two years, all of which have set new standards in terms of aesthetics, in 2009 Kuoni redesigned its travel agency on Bahnhofplatz in Zurich, the company’s home town. Its two floors now offer customers a high quality and, even more importantly, inspiring ambience. Thanks to the materials used, the carefully chosen fittings, and beautiful design, the rejuvenated agency embodies Kuoni’s status as a premium service provider. Warm, earthy colours and highquality, hand-crafted furniture reflect Kuoni’s qualities: reliability, a long tradition of excellence and great experience. As in the imagery and design of its travel brochures, Kuoni has been guided by the zeitgeist, tapping into crucial developments in international design in a way that the travel industry has rarely done before. Quality, sustainability, peace, solidity,

openness, interaction, but also diversity and a respect for other ways of life: these are just some of the concepts expressed by this design language. An atmosphere is created that takes visitors out of the everyday, and into a perfect place for calmly listening to advice or just gathering ideas for the next holiday. The lovingly selected decor offers plenty of potential stimulation – hand-picked craftworks from many countries are combined with books, photographs maps and everyday objects in inspiring displays that the visitor can pick up, feel, read and study. By providing a vibrant impression of possible holiday destinations in this way, the whole feel of the place sharpens the desire to travel. The travel agency at the Bahnhofplatz celebrates beauty as an aesthetic experience and puts particular emphasis on appealing to customers’ senses and emotions.

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