Corporate & Business
Development – preparing the path ahead

No Swiss company can survive and thrive for 104 years as Kuoni has unless it keeps a clear and constant eye on its vision, on its strategy and on social and economic change. The tourist industry has seen particularly strong upheavals in recent times, driven by new technologies, almost limitless information possibilities and sea changes in consumer behaviour; and all these developments demand consistent, alert and professional analysis of the markets, the competitive environment and the company’s own situation. Identifying trends, appreciating innovations, breaking new ground: the Kuoni story boasts many milestones of the company successfully positioning itself by using its skill, its vision and the personal commitment of its people to craft and contour the new and leave the old behind.

Within the Kuoni Group, the Corporate & Business Development unit (CBD) plays the prime role in preparing the corporate path ahead. It is CBD that guides the annual strategic planning process and the company’s strategic initiatives. In doing so, CBD supports the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board in their decision-making processes, by asking such apparently simple questions as: What do we stand for (our vision)? How do we achieve this (our strategy)? What projects and other measures will

this require (our actions)? What earnings improvements can we expect this to deliver? (our results). CBD also shows the company’s top decision-making bodies what external and internal influences might impact on earnings performance, and what personnel and financial resources are needed (or what major repercussions – positive or negative – can be expected in personnel and financial terms). In doing all this, CBD can draw on a number of professional information tools, networks and external specialists that provide it with a comprehensive overview and with all the information the company’s top bodies need to make the right key decisions on its further development.

The Kuoni Group reappraises and modifies or confirms its corporate vision and strategy on an annual basis. The corresponding strongly fact-based process culminates each year in the two joint workshops which CBD holds with the members of the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board. CBD then fleshes out whatever decisions are taken here, and manages and monitors their implementation.

Corporate & Business Development laid the groundwork for a number of decisions in 2009 that should ensure the Kuoni Group’s successful further development:

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